Vizag: Clashes over the use of circular nets, a group sets fire to a fishing boat | Visakhapatnam News

VISAKHAPATNAM: A clash has erupted between fishermen from Chinajalaripeta and Pedajalaripeta areas in the town of Vizag over the use of spinning nets in the restricted area of ​​the Bay of Bengal.
A group of fishermen set fire to a fishing boat in the Bay of Bengal and a tense atmosphere has now gripped the Vasavanipalem area in the city of Vizag.
There have been clashes between fishermen who use traditional nets and those who use circular nets in Vizag. While spinning net fishing is prohibited within eight kilometers of the coast, the practice continues unabated.
On Tuesday, a group of fishermen with ring nets ventured into the waters in their boats for fishing. Upon learning of the incident, another group of fishermen using traditional nets protested the use of ring nets and argued with the other group, leading to a clash between the two groups in the waters. as well as on the shore.
As the situation worsened, police personnel rushed to the scene to appease the fishermen and prevent further untoward incidents.
More than 12 villages in Vizag opposed the ring nets citing that the nets catch very small fish leading to depletion of marine life.
The decision to restrict the use of ring nets was made when sea creatures, including the Olive Ridleys, were trapped there. However, defying the decision, some Vizag people are fishing in the restricted area using the prohibited nets.
The officials decided to call a meeting of the leaders of the two fishing groups for an amicable settlement.

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