V Rising Fishing Guide – How to Fish and Find Fishing Spots


In V Rising, fishing can be more than just a fun and relaxing activity for the undead. Vampires share certain hobbies with mortal humans, such as murder, eating each other, and apparently fishing. We are more like creatures of darkness than you might think. In our V Rising Fishing guide, we’ll teach you how to channel your inner vampire angler.

How to fish in V Rising?

Here are the steps to fish in V Rising:

  1. Defeat Rufus the Foreman
  2. Create a Crafting Bench
  3. Make a fishing rod
  4. Find a fishing spot

Fishing can be a rewarding experience and several fishing spots are located on the V Rising map. There are a few prerequisites before you can begin your undead fishing journey.

Defeat Rufus the Foreman

You need to defeat Rufus the Foreman as he gives you the recipe to create the Fishing Rod. You can find Rufus the Foreman in the bandits’ logging camp in Farebane Woods. Our All V Blood Boss locations in V Rising will explain how to defeat him.

Rufus the Foreman is only level 20, but you need to prepare first. Your rewards for defeating him are the ability to craft a Woodworking Bench that includes recipes for Fishing Rod, Hunter’s Crossbow, Painting Frame, and Carved Wood.

Create a Crafting Bench

You can craft a crafting bench after completing the tutorial. At this point in the game, you should already have one in your castle. If not, you need to configure it.

Make a fishing rod

You can now craft a fishing rod. Go to your crafting bench and you should see the materials needed to craft one. You will need these materials:

  • Copper Ingots x4
  • Big wires x4
  • Boards x8

Copper Ingots can be found in Farebane Woods. Look for copper deposits/nodes and attack them to get copper ingots. Note that you can only get copper ingots if you attack deposits above Gear Level 10. Read our How to Increase Gear Score Quickly in V Rising guide if you want to increase your Gear Level quickly .

Coarse Threads can be found in Bandit Camps. To find out which bandit camp has a coarse thread, open your map and hover over the bandit camps you’ve discovered. They will appear as “important loot”. Go to this bandit camp, attack them and open their chests. You should get coarse threads with no problem.

Planks are a resource that requires the sawmill. Follow the main story quests until you have unlocked the ability to create a sawmill in your castle. After setting up your sawmill, you can create boards to use for your fishing rod.

Once you have all the materials, go to the crafting bench and create a fishing rod.

Find a fishing spot

Now that we have our fishing rod, we can finally go fishing. Unlike other games, you simply cannot fish anywhere just because there is water. In V Rising, fishing requires finding certain spots.

You can only fish in waters with rising bubbles. Once you find a fishing spot, hover your mouse over where the bubbles are and right click to cast your fishing rod.

How to Catch Fish in V Rising

You need to hover your mouse over where the bubbles are in the fishing spot and right click. This will cast the fishing rod to that area. Wait for where you cast your rod until it starts to glow, then left-click to bring your fish back.

That’s how you catch fish! There’s really no point in fishing unless you’re making fish oil or scales, but there are some special fish that provide long term benefits. Read our V Rising Twilight Snapper: How to Get it and Where to Find it as this fish is required to acquire your Rat form. Read our V Rising Vampire Powers guide for a list of all the vampire powers, including rat form, you can get in the game and how to get them.

V Rising Fishing: All Fishing Spots

Here are the best fishing spots in V Rising:

  • Dunley Farmlands – 2 fishing spots
  • Farebane Woods – 6 fishing spots
  • Hallowed Mountain – 2 fishing spots
  • Silverlight Hills – 5 fishing spots

There are no differences for each fishing location. They all give you the same fish, whatever. You better look for fishing spots in Farebane Woods as it is the place with the most fishing spots in the game. In V Rising, fishing leaves you a little open, so watch your back for enemy players .

V Rising Peach

This is our V Rising fishing guide. We hope this article has helped you learn more about the nuances of vampire life. They, like us, like to fish as much as they like to terrorize unfortunate villages, like us too.

Speaking of which, we have more that will help you understand the vampire way of life. Did you know that vampires also enjoy brutalizing their enemies with weapons the same way we do? Our weapons V Rising – All weapons and how to use them will teach you all about them. One thing we don’t share with vampires is their special combat abilities. We have V Rising Skills – All Ability Types Explained article that tells you everything you need to know about their special vampire powers.

If you want a video tutorial for V Rising fishing, then this Youtube video from RaZzi will teach you how to fish in the game.


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