Two rescued after fishing boat sinks off Scottish coast


Two people have been rescued after their fishing boat began to sink off the coast of Scotland in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The couple made a distress call to report that their boat was taking on a large amount of water around the island of Lismore near Oban, Scotland at around 3am on Thursday, the coastguard said.

They abandoned ship and climbed into their life raft where they remained until they were rescued around 4am.

The RNLI Oban all-weather lifeboat attended the scene and rescued the couple before ferrying them back to Oban in Argyll and Bute, arriving around 5am.

The lifeboat reached the scene ahead of a Coastguard helicopter which was also called to the incident.

A Coastguard spokesman said: ‘We had calm weather which was a blessing.

“Luckily it was quite close to the Isle of Lismore and the sea was reasonably benign for them.”

Two people have been rescued after their fishing boat began to sink in waters near Oban, Scotland

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The crew was said to be fine but a bit shaken after the experience.

The vessel, a commercial fishing vessel, is now partially submerged.

Earlier this year two men were rescued by rescuers after their boat capsized off the coast of Devon.

David Henderson and Brian Harding were on a fishing trip on the River Ax in April when their 16ft long boat was hit by a wave throwing them into freezing water.

The men were taken to hospital where it took two hours for their body temperature to return to normal.

Footage of the rescue was broadcast by the RNLI to raise awareness of the importance of safety at sea.


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