Shocking video shows large ship crashing into small fishing boat off Eastbourne coast


A shocking video has emerged of a large ship crashing into a small fishing boat off Eastbourne.

The video shows men fishing as the large vessel closes in before ramming them, knocking the men over.

The footage was first posted on Twitter by Eddie Mitchell.

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Once the ship touches the boat, it turns and heads back the other way.

He said: ‘Insanely scary stuff, so lucky no one was killed – it happened off Eastbourne last week

“@RNLIEastbourne had to recover a small fishing boat and crew as the speedboat was struck in an incident.”

Other Twitter users were quick to comment on the post.

One said: ‘Where was the lookout post for the bigger boats and was the radar working? It seems really deliberate.’

Another replied: “I was just thinking about that too. Seems deliberate or someone messed up and left their post.”

The RNLI confirmed that they had not been instructed by the coastguard to recover the vessel and for that reason were not involved in this incident.

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