See the moment a shark launches on a fishing boat in Maine


It was a close fin-to-face encounter for a group of fishermen caught on a charter boat in Maine last month.

A 7ft mako shark came for a visit to the deck of the boat after launching itself out of the water while hanging on a line in a wild scene caught on video.

Dave Sinclair of Sea Ventures Charters and his grandson, Cameron, were on a trip with a group of young anglers off Monhegan, Maine last month when the encounter happened.

Sinclair and his grandson tag sharks to search for and release, and they got to see a mako shark up close that they weren’t expecting so soon. The moment was captured on video by passenger Chris Kingsbury.

The mako first launched itself out of the ocean at a distance, drawing impressive sounds and a few curses from those on board. However, his next jump was just into the boat and into Cameron’s head.

“And then all of a sudden he was there in my face, and I felt him hit the side of my face with his tail,” he said. NBC Affiliate NECN. “And then he landed on my right foot and I kind of jumped out of the way.”

Sinclair thought he had seen it all in his decades at sea, but that was “icing on the cake”.

“My first thoughts were injuries,” Sinclair told NECN. “We had a boat full of young guys and a young man was fighting the fish.”

Sinclair and his grandson removed the hook from the mako’s mouth, measured it, tagged it, and threw it back into the ocean. No one suffered injuries.

“You feel like, ‘There’s no way this is going to happen,'” Cameron said. “I don’t think I’ll be so surprised again.”


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