Sea Fishing Day Trip


If you want to fulfill your dream of sea fishing, Langkawi is an excellent choice. It has world-class fish volume, a good climate, and most of Langkawi’s islands are good for fishing. Today it has become one of the places where professional anglers can show off their skills. Click here for more information on Langkawi travel visas, and when you’re ready, here’s everything you need to know…

Discover the pleasure of sea fishing

There is a wide range of sea fishing in Langkawi. Before departure, there will be professional fishermen who will accompany you and explain some things to pay attention to when you are on a boat or fishing. The company will provide a variety of sea fishing tools, such as: trolling, reel rod, hand line, etc.

With the above tools, you can catch valuable seafood such as grouper, big lobster, small yellow croaker, billfish, tuna, barracuda, boxfish and a piece of ray at blue dots, and enjoy the surprise of harvesting abundant fish. That said, some trolling gadgets look simple and ordinary, but in real fishing, they can play an unexpected role and play a role in attracting rich sea fishing skills.

For those of you with no fishing experience, this will let you experience the fun and process of waiting for the fish to be hooked, and it will also test your stamina. Take it back to the restaurant in Langkawi after you get the results, then you can enjoy a rich and fresh seafood dinner with friends or family, and most importantly, the fish you caught yourself.

Langkawi fish species: Mavericks, Mackerel, Shanjun, Grouper, Mayou, Red Cao, Cuttlefish and others (different seasons, different catches).

Photo, Drew Farwell.

Description of fees

Fees include

– 1. Ground transportation: round-trip hotel transfers;
– 2. Outboard: 6 hours or 8 hours of use (chartered boat);
– 3. Fishing tools: float trolling, casting, Apollo fishing, bait, rod, hand line and live bait etc. ;
– 4. Tourist guide: professional fisherman;
– 5. Mineral water.

Fees not included

– 1. Hotel accommodation costs;
– 2. Tips to tourist guides and boatmen (voluntary but not forced);
– 3. Personal travel accident insurance (domestic purchase recommended);
– 4. All consumption and personal expenses include all expenses not mentioned.

Special Note

– 1. The price is calculated per vessel;
– 2. Each boat can only embark a maximum of 6 people;
– 3. The route may be changed depending on the actual situation or the weather;
– 4. Maximum waiting time for guide and driver is 5 minutes (written confirmation time will prevail). If the guide and the driver arrive late, they have the right not to wait any longer, so as not to affect the next guests, and no refund will be given;
– 5. If the tour guide cannot be found in the hotel lobby more than 10 minutes after the agreed time, please contact our 24-hour emergency number immediately.
– 6. No refunds will be given if the reservation is canceled on the day of departure, unless the trip is canceled due to weather problems or force majeure or customers who have a medical certificate will receive a refund or postponement, otherwise customers will automatically give up;
– 7. If you need to change hotels on the return trip, please contact customer service in advance (there may be a charge) so that you can arrange it properly, otherwise it will be sent back to you. original hotel;
– 8. It is recommended to wear comfortable and practical shoes and clothes. Please bring your own sunscreen, drinking water, swimsuit, towel and other clothing.


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