Raft: how to get bait | fishing guide


Trade rare fish for reputation.

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Fishing is one of the most important activities in Raft. Catching fish is how you stay alive on the ocean, but ultimately you’ll want to catch fish for more than delicious meals. As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect new types of bait. Each bait moves you to a new “level” of fish rarity. Only the best fish can be caught with bait. And you’ll want to catch those rare fish to unlock everything the trading posts have to offer.

Rare Fish, Bait, and Trading Posts are all interconnected systems – yes, that sounds weird, and that’s only because they are. At Trading Posts, you can trade rare fish to increase your reputation, and the higher your reputation, the better levels of items you can unlock at the Trading Post. We’ll explain how it all works in the full guide below.

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How Fishing Works

At the beginning of Raftyou will have immediate access to wooden fishing rod Recipe. This basic tool allows you to cast the hook with [LMB] then press [RMB] to get back. Drop the hook into the water and wait for a bite. Fishing is extremely basic and only requires time.

Your starter fishing rod will only catch certain types of low level fish. Fish can be eaten raw or cooked on a grill. Fishing is the easiest way to collect a steady supply of food – and bait is only needed to catch rare fish.

  • Wooden Fishing Rod Requirements: x6 Plank, x8 Rope
  • Metal Fishing Rod Requirements: x3 Scrap, x1 Bolt, x8 Rope

How to get a new bait

There are three types of bait. The bait is purchased from the Commercial counter. Trading Posts are small shops that frequently appear on big islands – but only big islands. you can win Exchange coins by exchanging materials (sale) — and you can buy bait. Bait often costs waste cubes which are acquired by special methods. Learn how to get Trash Cubes here.

  • Simple fishing bait: Level 1 – Costs 1 trash cube at any trading post.
  • Advanced fishing bait: Level 2 – Costs 1 trash cube at any trading post.
  • Expert fishing bait: Level 3 – Costs 1 trash cube at any trading post.

To increase your Trading Post reputation and unlock new tiers, you need to trade rare fish. Using bait with a fishing rod unlocks the ability to catch rare fish – catching rare fish is completely random, so you can fish just like before. Add bait with [RMB]throw the hook and pull when you have a bite.

By trading a specific number of rare fish at the trading post, you will unlock the next level of items. Buy the next level of bait, use it to catch rare fish, trade those fish at the trading post and go up again. Follow this method to unlock all three levels.

  • What rare fish can each type of bait catch?:
    • Simple: Glowshrimp, Netnibbler & Sharp Charp
    • Advanced: Pufferlisk, Trap Snapper, Moss Spitter
    • Expert: Lionfish, Pentapus, Lunarfish, Rainbow Lobster, Sharkeater & Pink Pike

At Expert rank, trading rare fish will give you x2 Exchange Parts instead of reputation.


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