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Our potions license The fishing guide will tell you how to unlock fishing, where you can fish, and how you can still attract the big guys!

How to unlock potions license Fishing

You can unlock potions license Fish by visiting Primerose Sail in the northwest corner of town during the day after completing the early parts of the game. Once you do, you’ll trigger a cutscene where you’ll see Leano and Ottmar moving around on the boat .

At the end of the cutscene, you will receive a basic fishing rod. This will allow you to fish at the #1 fishing spot on the map, a location right next to Moonbury Park. There are several other fishing spots clearly visible on the map, but unfortunately you won’t be able to get there just yet.

Keep in mind, however, that fishing Rod is free. The Peach Bait isn’t – you’ll need to buy it from Lenao at Primerose Sail during their normal opening hours. Luckily, bait is pretty cheap, so might as well stock up!

It’s about that simple.

How to fish in potions license

potions license Fishing is remarkably simple. It’s so simple, in fact, that it can be boiled down to three key points:

  1. Don’t come back when you see an angry emoji or the fishing line turns bright red.
  2. Move up when you see an exhausted emoji and the line turns from red to white.
  3. Don’t let the fish reach the end of the track.

That’s it. This is what fishing ultimately comes down to. It might not be the most complex fishing system in a game, but it works well enough!

Potion Permit Fishing Guide - How To Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

How to upgrade your potions license Rod

Unfortunately, we don’t yet know how to update the potions license Rod. Our best guess is that completing Dan’s second quest is supposed to unlock it, but it doesn’t quite fire properly.

Thanks for reading our potions license Fishing guide. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to read some of our other guides below!

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