Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Complete Fishing Guide


Nowadays, so many RPGs tout fishing as a main feature that it has become an old hat to poke fun at. But Pokemon was one of the first series to incorporate this favored hobby in a major way. Indeed, players have cursed their luck for every alien Magikarp they’ve snagged for decades.

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Pokemon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl perpetuates this lasting tradition. The lakes and seas of Sinnoh are teeming with wildlife that you can club several times and then befriend. Armed with our guide, you’ll know the names of each Pokémon that can be caught with the game’s three fishing rods. We’re going to break everything down in a simple and concise way, so you can focus on winding them one after the other. another until every inhabitant of the deep has lost at least one family member under particularly shady circumstances.


Where to find each fishing rod

pokemon shiny diamond shiny hard pearl

It seems like spearfishing is frowned upon in Sinnoh society, so you won’t be hooking anything until you’ve received your first rod. Sadly, the Old Rod is unable to catch a Pokémon other than Magikarp (and technically Feebas, but more on that later).

This means that you are going to want to hang the Good cane as soon as possible, which will eventually be replaced by the Super Rod. A trio of friendly fishermen will be your benefactors throughout the adventure. Here’s where to find them all.

  • The banal Old rod is given to you by a fisherman located just after the west exit of Jubilife City. Most of the larger settlements in this region have small corridor-like connectors jutting out in multiple directions that lead players to different roads. This guy is waiting for someone to take his trash – sorry, we’re talking about his fishing gear – from his hands.
  • Of considerably fairer value is the Good cane. The donor for this article is at the beginning of Route 209 to the east of City of the heart. This is where you can finally start taking fishing seriously.
  • Finally, the Super cane cannot be acquired until Pokemon BDSP after game sections. You will need to have received Professor Rowan’s National Dex and unlocked the Combat zone. Once there, take a quick hike to Route 225 and you should spot the fisherman almost immediately.

Each fishable Pokémon and where to find it

This is the heart of our fishing guide. We’ve formatted this list alphabetically for easier reading, but feel free to follow by stem or route as well.

Many of them can be found in several places. Some of them seem to call virtually every slice of Sinnoh their home. Rather than turning what works best as a simple table into something that resembles a peer-reviewed scientific journal article, we will tell you the optimal location for each Pokémon.

Often, this means that where you will find the smallest number of other Pokemon stifles your progress. This way, you will have a reliable knowledge of each optimal location and can just get there and get to work.

Pokemon Pitches Oldest stem
Barbache Route 205 Good
Carvanha Grand Marais Great
Chinchou Route 220 Great
Clampl Route 219 Great
Corphish Heavenly city Great
Crawdaunt Heavenly city Great
Dragonair Mount Couronne Great
Dratini Mount Couronne Great
Prices* Mount Couronne Old
Finneon Route 218 Good
Golden Route 203 Good
Gyarados Route 208 Good
lantern Route 220 Great
Luminéon Route 218 Great
Luvdisc Route 224 Great
Magikarp Route 208 Old
Octillery Route 224 Great
Poliwag Route 226 Good
Whirlpool Route 225 Great
Qwilfish Iron island Great
the Peach Route 214 Great
Sharpedo Route 223 Great
sheller Route 205 Great
Wailmer Route 223 Great
Wailord Route 223 Great
Whiscash Grand Marais Great

How to catch a Feebas

Now for the reason we pasted an asterisk next to Feebas. It’s a complicated take. Here’s why: there are four tiles in the whole game that can spawn a Feebas.

You’ll want to start by entering Mount Coronet through its Route 211 Entrance. the Surf HM is a requirement, because the water pool in front of the rocks that move the force cannot be crossed otherwise.

This little lake is Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’s only Feebas spawning site. But more importantly, only four random tiles from this lake apply on any given day. Our advice is to take out the Old Rod rather than the good Rod, thus reducing your potential hooks to Feebas and Magikarp, then try your luck three times per tile until you succeed.

Fortunately, Feebas is the only Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl that makes fishing so difficult. The other 25 potential trips are just a hop, a jump, and a short flight on a wild Staravia, so pack a nice lunch because it’s time to go “roll”.

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