On Day 100, Vizhinjam protesters allegedly set fire to a fishing boat at sea


Thiruvananthapuram: Resistance in Vizhinjam against the construction of the seaport took a turn for the worse on Thursday after protesters surrounded the project area, including at sea, demanding an immediate halt to construction works.

Thursday marks the 100th day of the protest. The Vizhinjam Samara Samithi, made up of local fishermen supported by the Latin Church, burned their boats and threw police barricades into the sea.

Meanwhile, it is reported that a clash broke out between police and protesters in the area. Previously, several rounds of talks between representatives of Samara Samithi and the state government failed to reach a consensus. The government refused to accept all of the demands of its seven-point charter, including stopping construction.

Protesters have alleged that the unscientific construction of groynes, the artificial seawalls forming part of the future port of Vizhinjam, was one of the reasons for the increasing coastal erosion.

Vizhinjam International Seaport Limited (VISL) received Environmental Clearance (EC) from the Ministry of Environment and Forests in January 2014, which prescribed the line of conduct, environmental management, monitoring and reporting during construction and maintenance. operation of the port.

The permission was challenged by various parties and it was upheld by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) with clear instructions to the government of Kerala to proceed with the project.


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