Oil tanker pierced by fishing boat in busy Dutch anchorage


The tanker suffered a gash in its wing tank after being hit by a fishing boat (Dutch Coastguard)

Posted on September 29, 2022 at 12:56 p.m. by

The Maritime Executive

The Dutch Coastguard and Marine Police are on scene at the scene of an alliance which took place overnight in the busy Ijumuiden anchorage off the coast of the Netherlands. Authorities report that a small oil leak from the tanker has been stopped while they continue their investigation.

The Coast Guard received reports of the allition at 3 a.m. local time. The product tank golden daisywhich was at anchor, reported being struck by a vessel which was later identified as a fishing vessel ARM 18 Joris Senior.

The 505ft tanker registered in Hong Kong and operated by Seacon Shipping Group of China suffered a gash above the waterline. Initial reports said the tanker was leaking oil from the gash and the Coast Guard dispatched aircraft and a patrol boat as well as an oil spill control vessel. The investigation determined that the tanker’s port wing tank had been punctured when the vessel was struck, causing a gash approximately three feet above the waterline. As the ship rises high, the notch is about 12 feet above the current water level.

The snap tank contained a mixture of oil and water which was seen to flow over the side of the vessel. The crew aboard the golden daisy was able to seal the leak by pumping the contents of the tank into another tank. The Coastguard aircraft are still investigating the spill, but they report it was small and likely to dissipate. Due to the low level of contamination, the coastguard reports that they were planning no further action.

The product tanker remains at anchor after being hit by the fishing boat (Dutch Coastguard)

The 34,800 dwt golden daisy had been transferred to anchorage on September 28 after spending four days in Amsterdam. He had arrived in the Netherlands on September 24 from Italy and had apparently at least partially disembarked in Amsterdam.

The 30-year-old fishing boat had left the Netherlands on September 24 and was heading for Ijmuiden when it hit the tanker. The 150-foot-long fishing boat was able to get to port under its own power. Photos of the ship show extensive damage to its bow.

The Dutch Marine Police and the Environment and Transport Inspectorate are investigating the incident. Coastguard patrol vessel Osprey stands by the tanker which remains at anchor, but they report that the vessel is not in danger.


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