New Zealand-led drug blast: 385kg of heroin seized from fishing boat in Arabian Sea


“This latest seizure is a demonstration that CTF 150 and the ground and air assets assigned to it are ready to conduct interdiction operations 365 days a year,” he explained.

“From a New Zealand perspective, if narcotics from all seizures made during the New Zealand Command era had been routed to New Zealand, they would have a market value of $2.36 billion.”

CTF 150 is one of three Combined Maritime Forces task forces that have increased regional patrols to disrupt illegal maritime activity, the New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) said.

In 2021, the task force seized drugs worth more than US$193 million ($282.6 million) at regional wholesale prices during counter-narcotics operations at sea – a total higher than that which had been intercepted in the previous four years combined.

“CTF 150 conducts maritime security operations outside the Persian Gulf to ensure that legitimate commercial shipping can proceed freely. Its mission is to disrupt criminal and terrorist organizations and their illicit activities, including the movement of people, weapons, narcotics and charcoal,” the NZDF said. said.

“The New Zealand-led multinational team took command of Canada’s CTF 150 earlier in 2021 and will command and equip CTF 150 until early 2022.”


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