My time in Portia Fishing Guide


We take a look at how to get a fishing rod, where to go fishing, and what fish you can find in Portia.

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My time in Portia is a massive game that lets you indulge in a rather peaceful life as a builder. There are a variety of activities you can do in the game, from exploring dungeons to fishing. As with most simulation games that have fishing, My Time at Portia’s fishing system is mini-game based, and there are many types of fish that you can catch.

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You can use some fish for cooking, sell them for money, or even donate the fish to the museum. To help you become a master of fishing, the guide below is here to teach you about rods, baits, and even includes a list of all the types of fish you can catch.


Fishing basics in Portia

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Fishing is a simple mini-game in My Time at Portia and there are some remarkable fishing spots scattered around the world. However, to get a cane you will need to make one on your workbench. There are three different rods in the game

  • Beginner fishing rod
  • Classic fishing rod
  • Master fishing rod

Each level of fishing rod makes it easier to catch fish, with the Master fishing rod being the best. However, you won’t be able to craft the main fishing rod, but instead, you will receive it after you donate all Emperor Fish to the museum. You will also need to obtain bait go fishing, but it’s easy to find because you can get out of it foraging for resources or bought at Sophie’s Ranch.

Once you have some fish, you can cook it like in the picture above for status lovers, or give them as a gift, many fish also sell for a large sum of Gols and can help you win the extra money you need to buy furniture or modernize your home.

Types of fish and locations in Portia

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There are a total of 39 different fish in My Time at Portia. The table below lists all the fish in the game, along with where they spawn:

Name of the fish Pitches
  • Fish Banner
  • King Fish Banner
  • Emperor Banner Fish
  • Amber Island
  • West Beach
  • Blade Fish
  • King fish blade
  • Emperor Blade Fish
  • Collapsed wasteland
  • Heights of Eufaula
  • Blue mackerel
  • King of the Atlantic mackerel
  • Emperor blue mackerel
  • Amber Island
  • Heights of Eufaula
  • Bubble fish
  • Bubble fish king
  • Emperor bubble fish
  • Port of Portia
  • Dark swamp
  • Catfish
  • Catfish king
  • Emperor catfish
  • Portia River
  • Collapsed wasteland
  • Fire fish
  • Firefish king
  • Emperor firefish
  • Frogfish
  • King Fish Frog
  • Emperor Frogfish
  • Portia River
  • Dark swamp
  • Gladiator Fish
  • King Fish Gladiator
  • Emperor Gladiator Fish
  • Starlight Island
  • Eufaula Desert Oasis
  • Golden salmon
  • King of golden salmon
  • Emperor Golden Salmon
  • Port of Portia
  • Bassanio Falls
  • Eufaula Desert
  • Goliath
  • King goliath
  • Emperor Goliath
  • Bassanio Falls
  • Heights of Eufaula
  • Koi fish
  • King Koi Fish
  • Emperor Koi Fish
  • Amber Island
  • Starlight Island
  • Lantern Fish
  • King Fish Lantern
  • Emperor Lantern Fish
  • West Beach
  • Dark swamp
  • Wise Fish
  • King of the fish wise fish
  • Wise Emperor Fish
  • Collapsed wasteland
  • Eufaula Desert Oasis

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