My Time at Sandrock: Sandfishing Guide


Sandfishing is a great way to get resources and earn money in the farming sim called My Time at Sandrock.

There’s a brand new fishing mini-game in My time at Sandrock. This is called sand fishing, and players will need it quite early in the game.

Necessary items for Sandfish in Sandrock

In order to start the sandfishing mini-game in My time at Sandrock, players will need a basic sandfish trap and bait. The most common bait, called Sandworms, can be found all over the ground and when harvesting rocks and plants from the ground. This bait brings fish to the surface so players can catch them with their trap.

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Building a basic sand fish trap is fairly easy; players will need 2 copper bars, 2 wooden sticks and 1 thick rope. Most of these items can be crafted at the workbench from items gathered from piles around the player’s house or can be obtained from My time at Sandrock‘s Recycle with scrap copper or wood.

In order to make thick rope in My Time at Sandrock, players will need to purchase the blueprints from the trade guild building. Look to the right of Yan’s desk to see the Blueprint Registry.

How to Sandfish in my time at Sandrock

Once the trap is built and players have bait, head to one of the many hooks on the map.

There should be two fairly close to town; one is just southeast of the player’s workshop. Different fishing spots will feature different types of fish. The first time the player heads to this particular fishing spot, they will get a cutscene with one of fourteen possible romance options in My time at Sandrock:Elsie. She also likes basic fishing traps as gifts, in case someone tries to seduce her.

Hold the basic trap in the hands of the builders, then head to the fishing hole. Press E when prompted to start the game.

Press and hold the left mouse button to aim the trap. Use one of the baits to hold the fish still long enough to target it.

Once a fish is highlighted in green, release the left mouse button to cast the trap. Watch to see what was caught; the most common type of fish is sand carp. It can be sold for 10 Gols.

What to do with fish in Sandrock

Players can do all sorts of things with fish in the rural video game town called Sandrock. Here are some examples:

  • Fish is necessary for many cooking recipes.
  • Players can also sell these Sandfish to the Saloon to help raise Gols.
  • Fish are also needed for a handful of quests.

My time at Sandrock is available in Early Access for PC.

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