My Time at Sandrock: Sandfishing Guide


For Sandfish in My Time at Sandrock, players need to craft a basic sandfish trap and obtain bait. Then they can visit any quicksand pit and catch fish.

Sand fishing is an activity in My time at Sandrock which allows players to participate in a mini-game to catch sand-based fish, such as ⁠Sand Carp, Scorpster, and Sandacuda. Although they are fish, these creatures are able to thrive in sand without the need for water. Likewise, the protagonist will have to use a different method of fishing than the ones he knows, such as the previous fishing rods in My time at Portia.

In place, My time at Sandrock fans will need a device called the Basic Sandfish Trap, a basic trapping cage that can catch fish in a quicksand trap. This Sandfish Trap is the first Sandfishing tool players will acquire. Later, they can unlock the Advanced Sandfish Trap and Professional Sandfish Trap, which are used to catch more difficult fish. To get the basic sand fish trap in My time at Sandrockplayers must progress through the main campaign until they receive a letter from a townsman named Owen.


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Owen, the owner of the Blue Moon Saloon, will send the protagonist a letter in the mail stating that his supply of Sand Carp has run out. In the past, Mason sold fish to the owner of the saloon. However, from the workshop of My time at Sandrock is now under “new ownership”, it is up to the player to retrieve the carp. By clicking the “Acquire” button on the letter, the player will receive the recipe to craft the basic sandfish trap and begin the mission, “sand fishing world.”

How to Sandfish in my time at Sandrock

How to Sandfish in my time at Sandrock

To start, My time at Sandrock players must first assemble the basic sand fish trap on their workbench. The following materials are required to build this tool:

  • Copper bar × 2
  • Wooden stick × 2
  • Thick rope × 1

Copper ingots can be smelted in a furnace using copper ore ×3 each. Similarly, Wooden Staffs can be crafted on a Workbench using Wood × 3. Finally, Thick Rope can be crafted using Plant Fiber × 4. Keep in mind that the recipe for the thick rope must first be purchased from the trade guild shop.

Once players have crafted a basic sandfish trap, they now need to get bait before fishing in the sands. Sandworms are the most common type of bait and can be found throughout the desert. Alternatively, they can be purchased from By The Stairs on Main Street. Then, equip the trap and approach any quicksand pit. Cast the bait and aim at the fish, making sure it has a glowing blue outline around its body. When that moment happens, throw the trap to catch the fish.

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My time at Sandrock is available in Early Access on Steam.

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