‘Mighty Waters,’ short film about fishing guide Ansil Saunders, released


One of the greatest fishing stories ever, told by the man who lived it, has been captured and released as an award-winning film, ‘Mighty Waters’.

Cold Collaborative’s mighty waters, a film which focuses on fishing guide Ansil Saunders, has been released after spending time on the festival circuit, and is perhaps the best and most artistic approach to water angling salt and civil rights that ever existed.

Co-sponsored by simsCosta and the American Museum of Fly Fishing, the film highlights Saunders and his relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The two spent time together fishing in Bimini, the sport fishing capital of the world, and the Saunders’ message of hope, peace, and humanity ended up being a real inspiration to Dr. King, Jr. It sounds incredibly meaningful, but after watching the movie, you’ll realize it’s an inspiration to everyone.

The 88-year-old has made a name for himself as a world-record-holding bonefish guide and boat builder, but he leaves his legacy in even bigger and deeper ways.

The must-see documentary film was released on YouTube on the first day of Black History Month, along with SimmsFishing.com. Here it is in its entirety.

The film has already won the Social Awareness Award at the Wasatch Mountain Film Festival and the Platinum Award at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

“When I first heard Ansil’s story, I knew it was a story the world should hear. Really, it’s all about him. From the way he talks to others and how he guides his clients through the apartments, in his passionate pursuit of social justice. Everything about how he lives his day-to-day life is so genuinely good,” said filmmaker Shannon Vandivier. “Ansil has chosen a path in life where wealth is not measured in dollars and cents, but rather how he spends his time. He has chosen to spend his time helping and inspiring as many people as possible. – Martin Luther King Jr. included I know for me personally, the Mighty Waters project, and more specifically Ansil, completely changed the way I define wealth and what it actually means to be wealthy.”

The story details are so moving, and it’s amazing how the filmmakers and production team helped weave the fibers together throughout the short. The humble fly fishing guide is, in fact, an “influencer” in the truest sense of the word, and was one long before the modern definition took shape.

“As a fishing brand, we don’t always have the opportunity to tell stories that resonate equally with anglers and non-anglers. Mighty Waters is an inspiring exception,” says Strick Walker, CMO of Simms. “Ansil Saunders is a hero. His story is captivating and unifying, whether you fish or not.”

Saunders was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame last year, and even though late in his life, he continues his efforts to “level the playing field” for the people of Bimini and beyond.

For more on the film and Saunders, check out the info shared by Sims on their website.


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