MASSIVE Wolf takes on the fishing guide’s dog in the woods


It’s a moment of cardiac arrest.

Nobody wants to see their best friend go down to another animal, let alone a distant relative.

Wolves are an amazing animal, an apex predator known for their size and incredible hunting abilities. They are incredibly intelligent and known for hunting in packs, with a pack dynamic almost similar to that of a military unit.

Yeah, you don’t want us to come after the old family dog.

I mean, in terms of weight, it might not be a huge difference. An adult male wolf can weigh up to 150 pounds, there are plenty of common dogs that are not far off that. But, chances are the wolf is bigger and significantly better at fighting.

That’s just what they do. A dog never has to worry about his next meal. It is always placed for them with the smile and the love of their owner. A wolf never gets a meal, even if he didn’t kill to get it, he probably fought for it and then had to share it with others.

They are just different.

This fishing guide in Canada was on a walk with his good boy when he came across a black wolf.

The man began filming as the wolf stared at his dog. As the dog barks, the wolf decides he can keep talking and sprints towards the dog. When the wolf stands up, you can see how massive the beast is…like it belonged in an episode of Game of thrones.

The dog moves away but turns in circles towards the wolf.

It’s not an animal to play with…

The wolf attacks again but this time is much closer as the guide starts trying to scare the wolf off at the end of the video.

It’s unclear what happened in the end, but the dog must have survived because the owner didn’t do much other than film him.

“I work as a fishing guide in northern Saskatchewan and shot this video on one of our trails around the lodge.”

It’s a crazy meeting.


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