Locations, Requirements, and How to Get the End of Line Bow


Sumeru, the recently unlocked region in Genshin Impact, is a vast land with plenty to explore. With new areas, some forgotten activities are back, like fishing.

Genshin Impact 3.0 introduced a Sumeru fishing association, which means we can buy new bait, a gadget to make fishing less tedious, and exciting new rewards.

Perhaps the most exciting is the new 4-star free Bow called End of the Line. The weapon is made of a Marlin, but don’t be fooled by the appearance. End of the Line is a good weapon for the current Dendro Meta.

WIn this guide. We mark where to fish in Sumeru and how to get the end of the line the fastest.

How to fish in Genshin Impact 3.0

First and foremost, if you’re new to the game, there are specific requirements and quests you need to complete before you start fishing:

  • Adventure Rank 35 or higher
  • Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III – A New Star Approaches
  • Open Serenite Jar Kingdom (A teapot to call home – Ques)
  • Complete the population explosion of the global quest.

Check out our guide with everything you need to know about fishing here.

Sumeru fishing spots

Let’s start with Sumeru Fishing Association. It is marked on the map but easy to miss due to Sumeru’s many hills and vegetation.

Loumelat is responsible for the Fishing Association. The easiest way to find it is to walk the road next to the river from Vimara Village towards Port Ormos.

Loumelat is the fishing girl in Sumeru on Genshin Impact 3.0

Visit Loumelat before fishing the End of the Line bow as you must purchase the Sugardew bait needed to catch the new species. Once there, also buy the fishing line stabilizer.

There are currently seven places. Therefore, we divide Sumeru Fishing Ground into two areas, North and South.

North Sumeru

  • Mawtiyimiya Forest
  • Vanarana Forest
  • City of Sumeru
  • Yazadaha Pool
North Sumeru Fishing Spot in Genshin Impact 3.0

Mawtiyimiya is the priority place in this area as travelers can find deep wave fishing, needed for line ending and refinement materials.

South Sumeru

  • Mount Devantaka
  • Port Ormos
South Sumeru Fishing Spots in Genshin Impact

Even when the southern locations are closer together, there is no deep wave fishing. So we recommend fishing in the south but visit Mawtimiya.

How to get end of line arc

As we mentioned before, the most important thing is to reach the fishing spot in the Mawtimiya Giant Mushroom Forest. to get the End of the Line, travelers need:

  • 16 Halcyon Jade Ax Marlin
  • 16 Lazurite Marlin Ax
  • 4 Deep wave fishing
These are the fish needed for the End of the Line, the new Genshin Impact Free Bow

Refinement materials for End of the Line travelers will need the following fish to get the original fish ointment. Keep in mind that you need five times each to max out the weapon.

  • 8 Halcyon Jade Ax Marlin
  • 8 Lazurite Marlin Ax
  • 2 Deep wave fishing

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