Lake Drano fishing guide Toby Wyatt helps guests get the best catches at Lake Drano


Licensed outfitter and Lake Drano fishing guide Toby Wyatt talks about the best ways to get prize-worthy catches at Lake Drano on his website. Real time fishing. On his website, Toby talks about the geography of Lake Drano, the type of fish found there, the fishing limit applied to the lake, the best season to catch particular species of fish, and also offers tips. very helpful on how to plan a lake fishing trip to get the most out of the experience.

Drano Lake is a tributary of the Columbia River just downstream of Hood River, Oregon. It is located on the Washington side of the river and is fed by the Little White Salmon River. According to Toby, Lake Drano is a very popular destination for salmon and steelhead anglers. Toby, through his company Reel Time Fishing, guides many clients on Drano Lake tours during the spring season, as this is an especially great time for those wanting to fish for Chinook salmon. There is a local hatchery program located on the Little White Salmon River which has resulted in Drano Lake having one of the highest returning stocks of valuable spring Chinook Salmon. The presence of the hatchery is why, although the entire Columbia River watershed is a one-fish limit, Drano Lake has always remained a two-fish limit.

On his website, Toby talks about the many fishing techniques, adapted to Lake Drano, that guarantee an avid angler a big hit if imitated. Toby says that while fishing on Lake Drano, he trolled for herring or shrimp behind flashing lights. When the fish are in, Lake Drano is an easy catch. Toby also points out that since the lake is an extremely popular fishing destination coupled with a relatively small fishing area, boat control and placement is key to success.

When asked for more specific advice for those interested in fishing Lake Drano, Toby said, “If you’re just starting out, it’s highly recommended that you hire an experienced and qualified Lake Drano fishing guide. , like me, to show you the tricks of the trade before becoming. comfortable venturing alone. Reel Time Fishing has spent many years perfecting this fishing and has compounded bait recipes to be conducive to this environment. When you have me by your side, you can rest assured that you will have a smooth and enjoyable experience and learn a great deal about the lay of the land and the craft of fishing. You might even go home with a catch from day one. Once you are adept at navigating these waters and learn all you can from me, you will gain the tools and know-how to make every trip to Lake Drano a resounding success.

Toby also provides helpful information on his website about fishing at Lake Drano during different seasons. In the fall, around September, he fishes Drano Lake for Chinook and Steelhead. The style of fishing is quite similar to spring fishing, except for the use of ProTroll flashers and super baits or spinners. In summer, Lake Drano is considered a “cold water refuge”. In August and September, the Columbia River warmed to over 70 degrees. Lake Drano stays cool because it is fed by the small white salmon native to the mountains. Salmon and Steelhead grow in Drano Lake to cool off, allowing anglers to better catch them. Rainbow trout fishing also takes place in the fall. Reel Time Fishing targets the Steelhead that grows in Lake Drano for fresh water. Night fishing is also a fun proposition as there is a good chance of seeing high catch rates with lots of big B-run fish on board.

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