Island Beach State Park NJ sees bear fishing boat run aground


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A 68-foot fishing boat named Bear was stuck in the sand Thursday morning after it ran aground at the southern end of Island Beach State Park on a stormy night last Friday, according to rangers. ribs.

Watchers in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Delaware Bay area last Friday received a report via VHF Channel 16 of a fishing boat stranded in the sand with three people on board, officials said.

“It was during this northeast week last week where the wind was blowing pretty hard with a pretty high sea state as well,” said Christian Zimmy, who works with Northstar’s environmental and marine services in Cape May. .

Coast Guard spokeswoman Kimberly Reaves said the boat got stuck on the beach due to its momentum after hitting the sand after the crew returned from a fishing trip.

Watch the video above of the fishing boat stuck in the sand.

After hearing the report, a nearby crew aboard a 47-foot response boat from Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light was dispatched to help and later confirmed the sailors were in no danger, a said the coast guard.

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The Delaware Bay sector crew and command center maintained communication with the vessel overnight.

Barnegat Light Station, Towboat US and Shamrock Marine Towing and Salvage were on scene to help the vessel tow her Thursday morning.

“We’re just starting to do our prep work just to get ready to be able to tow it off the beach and get it back afloat,” Zimmy said. “The plan is to bring our tug and start pulling again to leave the beach around 2:00 am.”

There are no environmental concerns with the boat on the beach, as authorities had already cleaned the area of ​​any fuel spills last weekend, according to Zimmy.

“The fuel (2,000 gallons of diesel) was removed from the vessel on October 10 to remove the threat of pollution and lighten the vessel, but unfortunately rescue efforts were delayed due to unfavorable surf conditions at the site.” Reaves said.

The crew members on board sustained no injuries at the time of impact and were ordered to leave the boat the next day for safety reasons with deteriorating sea conditions, according to Reaves.

Joshua Chung is the weather and breaking news reporter for 9-5. A longtime Jersey Shore resident, he recently graduated from Michigan State University. Contact him at [email protected], 917-703-9373 or on Twitter @Joshchunggg


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