Hydroneer Fishing Guide | How to fish


Wondering how to fish in Hydroneer? In this Hydroneer fishing guide, i will walk you through how to start fishing and how you can make some decent early game money doing it.

How to fish in Hydroneer

Learn to fish in Hydroneer is quite easy, but first you will need to get a fishing rod. Start by earning money by collecting ore from the nearby river and selling it. Once that’s done, it’s time to buy a fishing rod!

Once you have the fishing rod, it’s time to learn how to use it!

How to use the fishing rod in Hydroneer

  1. Pick up the fishing rod with E.
  2. Walk to a body of water.
  3. Left-click to cast your fishing rod.
  4. Wait for the bobber to be pulled down by a fish.
    • You can also hear the bobber coming down – once you practice, you can fish just by listening.
  5. Left click in time and you will shoot a fish. That’s it!

How to sell fish in Hydroneer

You can sell fish in Hydroneer just like you sell everything else – take it to the jeweler, place it on the table and press the button to get paid. The value of a fish is determined by its size – heavier fish are worth more money!

How to upgrade your fishing rod Hydroneer

You can upgrade your fishing rod by catching a specific type of fish and depositing it in the appropriate bin in front of a display case containing a new fishing rod. There are several fish to catch as soon as Update 1.7 — see if you can catch them all!

How to Fish in the Hydroneer Guide Fishing Pot
The Fishing Pot can passively catch fish, but it might not be worth the start-up cost.

How to use the Hydroneer fishing pot

the Hydroneer The fishing pot can also be used to catch fish, but it may not be worth it. You can buy a fishing pot by going to Bridgepour – just check your map and follow the road to get there. You’ll find fishing jugs (and many other items) sold at any of the shops in town.

Once you have a fishing pot, all you need to do is left-click to enter build mode and place it underwater. Wait a few minutes, then you can take it back and a fish will fall.

How to Fish at the Hydroneer Guide Scale
You can weigh the fish on the scale and find out how much it’s worth, just like anything else.

Fishing tips and tricks Hydroneer

Here are some fishing tips for Hydroneer this might make things a little easier for you!

  • Keep a pan or cart nearby to store your fish and immediately throw in your catch. This saves you from having to load them all later.
  • The fishing pot is good passive income, but you can fish much faster with a fishing rod.
  • It can be a good idea to fish closer to a jeweler than your base – that way you don’t have to travel as far to sell what you catch!
  • Fishing is good for income in the early game, but not worth it in the later game as you progress and build more machines.

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