Fishing boat Miss Katie briefly threatened to sink to the bottom of Woodley Island Marina, but got back up | Lost Coast Outpost


Zerlang and Zerlang Marine Services personnel will not let the Miss Katie go down without a fight. This morning’s video by Andrew Goff.

As Woodley Island Harbor staff did their “dock walk” this morning – a daily check to make sure everything is as it should be, according to Harbor District CEO Larry Oetker – their trained eyes noticed something about F Dock. Or something down, rather.

The Miss Katie, a commercial fishing vessel, was sinking.

A shard of oil could be seen on the water, so staff rushed to salvage and place portable booms to contain and absorb the pollutant. Then they honked and started calling people: the boat owner, the Coast Guard, the Fish and Wildlife Service, etc. A response was in progress.

Zerlang and Zerlang Marine Services responded to the location and began pumping the bilge until the Miss Katie was free floating again.

Oetker told the Outpost this afternoon that the cause of the threat of descent to the depths appears to be a faulty plug which had cracked, allowing water to seep in. They will be watching the boat more closely for a few days to make sure everything is now in good shape, but otherwise Miss Katie should be fine, he said.

He added that the oil splinter was contained in the immediate port area, thanks to the quick work of staff.

Below: The incident as written by the LoCO Spillbot, our cheapest reporter, shortly after the California Office of Emergency Services released its summary of the incident this morning.


A new hazardous materials incident involving petroleum has been reported to the California Office of Emergency Services.

According to a report released by the bureau, the incident occurred on or near the Eureka waterways around 8:45 a.m. today.

Here is the description of the incident recorded by the Office of Emergency Services:

Per NRC: “The caller reports a sunken vessel with an unknown light oil splash around it. The vessel sank for unknown reasons, but is being refloated by a salvage company.

Corrective measures: The boat is refloated.

Type of vessel: Fishing
Fuel capacity: 200 gallons

Pier Quay #: F

Gloss Information
Brilliant color: rainbow
Sheen’s Direction of Movement: East
Chandelier Size Length: 5 feet
Chandelier Height Width: 3 feet

It was the 14th hazardous materials incident recorded by the Office of Emergency Services in the Eureka area this year and the 38th oil spill in the entire county.


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