Fishing boat fire in the inner harbor caused by electrical equipment


The inner harbor fishing boat fire was caused by electrical equipment failure, Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) Director Wong Soi Man said today (Thursday).

A fishing boat caught fire amid a row of a dozen fishing boats anchored in the inner harbor pier off the Ponte 16 hotel last month, with the fire quickly spreading to the fishing boats adjacent.

Six fishing boats were involved in a major blaze as of late hours, with no deaths or injuries in the large-scale blaze visible from most high-rise buildings in Barra.

Hearings have been held with the boat owners involved in the matter to investigate the cause of the fire and the situation of the boat, with a preliminary conclusion on the cause drawn as electrical equipment failure, said the director, as TDM radio reported.

DSAMA has also scheduled a safety check next week for all fishing boats in the inner harbour, to inspect and remove dangerous flammable goods and discuss safety measures with shipowners.

In the context of fire prevention, the DSAMA will also change the current method of mooring the boat, moving from linking the boats together to separating them into small groups.

Authorities will also follow the security rules of Zhuhai Hongwan Central Fishing Port, such as prohibiting the boarding of dangerous goods and requiring the electricity to be cut off when the boat is empty.

The fishing boat destroyed by the fire is now placed at DSAMA’s Doca da Ilha Verde fleet base and awaits the owner to clean up sundries on the vessel, while the shipowners involved have contacted the Continental shipyard for a additional maintenance. Wong said.


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