Fishing boat capsizes, five people on board rescued



Fishing boat capsizes, five people on board rescued

A deep-sea fishing boat capsized due to rough seas and gusty winds, while the five people on board were rescued by fishermen fishing from other boats.

The boat “Manal” belonged to Mohammed Haneef of Udyavara. The boat had gone fishing from Malpe on March 29. On March 30 at midnight, they were fishing close to
Gangolli. The fiber mat near the boat’s engine was damaged and water began to enter the interior of the boat.

The fishermen on the boat informed the fishermen of Rajaraksha’s fishing boat which was fishing in a nearby area.

The Rajaraksha fishing boat reached the place and rescued the five fishermen on board the boat ‘Manal’. However, they were unable to prevent the boat from capsizing.

One case has been registered at Gangolli Coastal Security Police.

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