Environmental police seize over 200 scup from fishing boat


WESTERLY, RI (WPRI) – A recreational fisherman faces violations after environmental police boarded his boat off Westerly over the weekend.

According to the RI Department of Environmental Management, officers found 206 scup on board the vessel, more than double the legal catch limit for the three-person crew. Additionally, six of the scups were undersized.

The DEM said the limit for three licensed anglers is 90 scup.

The vessel’s operator received a court citation for exceeding the daily scup possession limit and possessing an undersized scup, as well as a civil citation for a boating safety violation.

Officers also arrested one of the crew members who had an open warrant for not participating in a previous fishing operation.

“The DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement (DLE) takes poaching very seriously,” DEM’s Evan LaCross said in a statement. “Poachers are stealing opportunities from fishermen who obey regulations and selfishly deplete our precious natural resources.”

LaCross encouraged people to report suspected poaching by calling (401) 222-3070.

“The more information we receive from the public, the more effectively DLE can use its resources to meet other critical tasks,” LaCross explained.

The DEM said the seized scup was given to House of Amosa non-profit organization that provides support to Rhode Islanders who are hungry, homeless or in crisis.

Visit the DEM website to learn more about Rhode Island fishing regulations.


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