Eight crew members ‘safe and sound’ after fishing boat sinks following collision with another vessel


EIGHT crew members have been rescued after a fishing boat sank 45 nautical miles southeast of Shetland.

The crew of the Peterhead based H360 guide star declared mayday before abandoning ship to life raft after colliding with another ship – their sister ship Guiding light.

HM Coastguard coordinated the response after being alerted just after midday today (6 October).

The coastguard helicopter based in Sumburgh was a key part of the rescue effort, with rescue teams from Sumburgh and Lerwick waiting to support them if needed.

Other nearby vessels also responded to calls for help. All crew members were picked up after being picked up by the support vessels and the Coast Guard helicopter.

Max Rimington, Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC) Commander with HM Coastguard, said: ‘The crew did the right thing by having an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon (EPIRB) on board who helped guide the response.

“We are so grateful that everyone was considered and grateful to the crew and nearby vessels that responded, for helping us achieve a good result.”

A Scottish Police spokesman said: ‘Officers were advised that a fishing boat was taking on water approximately 40 miles south/south-west of Sumburgh, Shetland, near Fair Isle at around 2.10pm on Thursday October 6, 2022.

“HM Coastguard rescued three men from the water and airlifted them to Shetland Hospital. The vessel sank.

“The remaining five crew members have been taken aboard the sister ship and are being transported to Peterhead.”

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), MCA Counter Pollution and Salvage, Receiver of Wreck and Northern Lighthouse Board have been notified.

A MAIB spokesperson said: “The Marine Casualty Investigation Branch has been made aware of the collision between UK registered fishing vessels Guiding Light and Guiding Star off Sumburgh Head, Shetland.

“The collision resulted in the flooding and sinking of the Guiding Star, and the rescue of its eight crew members.

“The MAIB has opened an investigation and a team of inspectors has deployed and will begin gathering evidence. The purpose of the MAIB investigation is to improve safety and prevent recurrence.


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