Dinkum Fishing Guide – How To Catch Fish Easily


Fishing is one of the many activities players can enjoy in Dinkum. Not only is it a good source of Dinks, but it’s also a way to grow the town museum’s living collection of sea life.

In this Dinkum fishing guide, we will talk about the fishing activity in Dinkum, how to get the fishing rod and how to properly cast a line to catch fish.

How to get a fishing rod in Dinkum

First, you need to get a fishing license from Fletch for 250 license points, otherwise you won’t be able to handle a fishing rod. Once you’ve gotten your license, head to John’s Goods and buy a fishing rod for around 1,000 Dinks.

As you improve your fishing skill, Fletch will allow you to upgrade your fishing license to higher levels, which will also allow you to upgrade your fishing rod to its copper and iron versions . These stronger versions will make fishing easier, especially for hard to catch fish.

Watch out for the blood pressure monitor

How to fish in Dinkum

  • Aim and cast your line at a fish

With your fishing rod selected in your toolbar, head to any body of water where you can see a fish and press the right mouse button to cast your line. The longer you press, the further your line will be cast.

Your line will go in the direction of where your character is facing, so make sure you’re aiming directly at a fish. It’s best to pull a little too far as you can just wrap your line to bring it closer to you if you need to.

If your aim is correct, you will notice nearby fish begin to approach your bobber. If not, you may have cast a little too far for the fish to notice, so press the left mouse button to instantly retrieve your line.

Once a fish has become interested in your bait, pay close attention to the bobber or that thing floating on the end of your line. Once the bobber is lowered into the water, a fish has taken your bait and it is ready to be brought up.

The timing of the bite differs from fish to fish; sometimes it happens after 1-3 nibbles, other times the fish bite it right away. So always be ready to pull the line once you see the bobber drop, and if possible, use the beeps to help you know when there’s a bite.

Reeling is the trickiest part of the Dinkum fishing experience and it’s the part where most new players take some time to learn and master, but in every trade there is always a trick. We share two tips, actually.

First, when you reel in a fish, it will naturally swim away from you, causing tension on the line which will be displayed as a meter that will appear on the right side of the screen. Each time you and the fish pull the line at the same time the meter goes down and once it runs out the line breaks and the fish escapes.

The first trick is to only tap-click once a fish has taken the bait. If you press and hold the RMB as soon as a bite occurs, you risk breaking the line because the fish will always want to swim immediately. Let the fish tire out, and once it stops struggling, you bring the fish back.

The second tip is to be careful when the fish starts to turn. As soon as it turns away from you one more time, let go of the RMB and let the fish tire out again. Rinse and repeat this process until you get the fish close to shore and can finally grab it with your hands.

Stop ascending once the fish splashes in the water

Dinkum Fishing Tips

Here are some additional tips you should know to enhance your fishing experience in Dinkum:

  • You can fish on land and at the first water level where the water is right at your feet. Deeper than that, you’ll start swimming and you won’t be able to cast your line.
  • If you have a Jetski you can head out into the deeper seas and catch fish that can only be caught from there.
  • You can’t catch jellyfish; you can only hunt them down using your weapons and they will drop jelly which you can brew to make jelly. Also, hunting jellyfish does not count towards your fishing level, but rather towards your hunting level.
  • You cannot use a fishing rod to catch sharks. Instead, you’ll have to fight them in the water with your spear like any other hostile animal on land. Be careful as sharks can swim easily in the water putting you at a disadvantage.
  • As you upgrade your fishing license, at the second level you will be able to pick up creatures underwater. These creatures make bubbles that you can use to spot them easily. Similar to caught fish, they count towards your fishing level and can also be donated to the museum’s collection.
  • Upgrading your license a bit more will allow you to craft Crab Pots, a passive way to catch Crabs, and other things like Crocodile Teeth in exchange for meat and other meat-related foods. To make a Crab Pot, you will need:
    • x5 Copper Bars
    • x2 iron bars
    • x4 palm wood plank
    • x2 Spinifex Resin
Try donating fish specimens to the museum for easy permit points

All Dinkum Fish Locations, Times & Seasons

Here is the list of fish you can get depending on the time and season:

Northern Oceans and Southern Oceans

Rivers, billabongs and mangroves

Northern Oceans and Southern Oceans

Northern Oceans and Southern Oceans

Northern Oceans and Southern Oceans

Northern Oceans and Southern Oceans

Northern Oceans and Southern Oceans

Dinkum is available for purchase on Steam.

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