cult of the lamb: how to catch all the fish | fishing guide


One of the first big side quests you’ll get in Cult of the Lamb will see you catching fish in Pilgrim’s Passage. Here’s how to succeed quickly.

Worship of the Lamb quickly stood out as one of the most fun and entertaining indie games of the year. With its addictive mix of rogue-lite dungeon crawling and farm sim elements, this quirky little gem easily ranks among the best games of 2022. Another thing that sets it apart even more is the amount of side content available in the game. From knucklebones to crafting to decorating, there’s so much to do in this game. Yet another distraction in Worship of the Lamb is the fishing mini game that you will unlock at the beginning of your adventure, and we are going to tell you how to complete it as soon as possible.

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How to catch all fish in Cult of the Lamb

You go first meet the fisherman while exploring Darkwood and he will tell you that you can meet him at the Pilgrim’s Passage. Once you head there, you’ll find it to the right of the dock. He will ask you to catch four different fish: a lobster, a crab, a squid and an octopus. To do this you will need to cast your line and then press the confirm button to try to keep the lure in line with the green fish indicator. As the fish population is replenished regularly, you can simply come back until you have all four and hand them over to the fisherman for four pieces of a sacred talisman.

Worship of the Lamb

However, if you are having difficulty, you can make it easier for yourself by selecting Ocean’s Bounty Ritual of Subsistence Dogma Third Row. This will allow you to perform a ritual that will spawn rarer fish for a period of time and speed things up considerably for you. Other than that, keep going and you’ll soon have all four types.

As a bonus, this will also unlock the ability for you to buy any type of fish from the fisherman for 10 gold coins. Although it may not seem so important, it will help you prepare dishes that require rare fish much easier and the rare fish can be sold for double the price you bought them for, although this naturally comes with diminishing returns. Either way, with these tips in mind, you’ll have that side quest in the bag in no time.


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