Cult of the Lamb Fishing Guide


Lamb Worship Fishing is one of several fun activities to take a break from your usual responsibilities as a worship leader. You can either sell this fish in the market or use it to feed your cult members or complete objectives etc.

This minigame needs to be unlocked as it is not available from the start of the game. The following guide will provide some tips regarding the process of unlocking the minigame, fishing mechanics, as well as the types of fish that can be obtained .

How to Unlock Peach in Cult of the Lamb

As you progress through the game, you will eventually encounter the Fisher NPC in Darkwood. Meeting the Fisherman for the first time will unlock the Pilgrim’s Passage location on your world map.

Now, using your teleporter, you can easily travel to Pilgrim’s Passage from your base to speak with the fisherman again to unlock fishing in Cult of the Lamb.

Notice the small fishing sign to the left of the fisherman. This is your designated fishing spot. Move to the location to start fishing.

How to Fish in the Worship of the Lamb

The fishing mini-game is quite easy to learn. Once cast, you will see a gauge that corresponds to how far you can cast your line. Fill it according to the distance from the line.

Once a fish is hooked, a bar will appear on the right side of your screen. Your job is to keep the hook inside the green bar to successfully reel in the fish.

Types of Fish in the Worship of the Lamb

You will observe three types of shadow during the mini-game which correspond to the type of fish you will obtain. A small shadow indicates Minnows while for a medium shadow you are likely to get either salmon or puffer fish. Finally, large shadows indicate several fish like tuna, squid, crab, octopus, swordfish and lobster.

You can also perform the Ritual of Ocean’s Bounty which will increase your chances of getting special and rare fish and you will also be able to catch an increased number of fish than usual.


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