Cult of the lamb: fishing guide


Fish is the key to some of the best cooking recipes in Cult of the Lamb, and certain fish can reward the player with Holy Talisman to get a new fleece.

Worship of the Lamb it is more than cutting heretics and giving sermons. There are plenty of resources to collect, such as fish, which are essential ingredients for some of the most beneficial meals in the game. The first step to fishing in Worship of the Lamb is to unlock the fishing area.

This means that the player must encounter an NPC simply called the fisherman. It can be encountered during explore Darkwood Dungeon. Meet the fisherman will unlock Pilgrim’s Passage, which the player can quickly travel to from their Cult. The Fisherman will be there, and the player can then fish next to him.


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How to fish

The fishing mini-game is pretty basic. A player can casting different distances to particular fish by holding the broadcast button for a short or long time. What kind of fish each silhouette is unknown, but larger silhouettes are more likely to be rare.

Once a fish is caught on the line (this will happen automatically), a counter will appear. The players will have to keep hook on colorful meter as it rises and falls. If they can do this long enough, the fish will be caught.

Every fish in the worship of the lamb

There are nine types of fish the lamb can catch, ranging from common to rare. These are used in seven different types of meal recipes. Four of these fish can also be given to the angler. If he gets those specific fish, he rewards the player with a Holy Talisman coin, which can be used to get a special fleece.

Fish Scarcity Uses
Minnow Common
  • Spicy fish stew
  • Lean mixed meal
puffer fish Rare
Salmon Rare
  • Tasty fish meal
  • Modest mixed meal
Tuna Rare
Crab Rare
  • Powerful meat feast
  • Give to the fisherman
Lobster Rare
  • Powerful meat feast
  • Give to the fisherman
Octopus Rare
  • Delicious fish feast
  • Give to the fisherman
Squid Rare
  • Delicious fish feast
  • Give to the fisherman
Swordfish Very rare

fishing tips

There is a doctrine specific to fishing. The player must upgrade sustenance doctrines to level three and choose “Ocean Bounty Ritual.” The ritual costs 75 Bones and give the Lamb a more chance of catching rare fish and double the quantity of fish caught for each catch. The buff lasts two days.

There is also a tarot card that involves Pisces. It’s called Neptune’s Curseand it kills enemies a chance to drop a fish. The map must be obtained when you talk to the fisherman for the second time. This card, however, will only award low rarity fish like minnow and salmon.

Worship of the Lamb is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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