Crocodile tries to jump aboard a fishing boat


Watch a video that captured the moment a crocodile tries to jump aboard a fishing boat

An incredible video posted on April 9 on YouTube has already accumulated more than 213,000 views. It features footage of the jaw-dropping moment a crocodile attempts to jump aboard a couple’s fishing boat.

The video was shared on the “TIDES — Kat and Cam’s Kimberley Adventures” YouTube channel, which is owned by a young Australian couple, Kathryn Dyball and Cameron Bates. They regularly post about their adventures, but this incident with the crocodile has to be one of the most terrifying encounters they’ve ever had.

According to the caption accompanying the video, their encounter with the beast happened in northwestern Australia.

“We packed our 4.6m canister with 7 jerrycans and loot and sent it over 400km across King Sound, and island hopping across the Buccaneer Archipelago in distant Kimberley. ft. goldies, northern jew fish, mud crabs, coral trout and even a cheeky saltwater crocodile that tried to jump into our boat!

The unlikely moment with the reptile came after Cam threw a fishing line into the water with what looks like a lure attached. As the camera pans upstream, the crocodile can be seen moving at a fairly high speed, appearing to chase the decoy.

Just as Cam rolls the lure out of the water, the croc seems to hesitate, before leaping up and placing its head over the edge of the boat, finally falling back into the water. At this point, Cam wasted no time in turning on the boat’s engine to make a quick escape.

Discover the couple channel on youtube where you can watch videos of their other, not-so-scary adventures.


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