Core Keeper Fishing Guide: How to Fish in Core Keeper and Get a Rod


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Survival is one of the essential facets of Core Keeper. No matter what you’re doing, you’re going to expend energy whether it’s mining, running, or fighting in the depths. So grabbing the food is going to be a top priority. Although there are many plants around, you get some of the best fishing buffs, especially for mining buffs. However, it’s not entirely clear how to fish in Core Keeper. We intend to change that with this Core Keeper fishing guide.

How to Get a Fishing Rod in Core Keeper

Creating a fisherman class grants you a wooden rod for free when you spawn.

First, to fish in Core Keeper, you’ll need to grab a fishing rod. At the very beginning of the game, you are in the hands of the RNG gods. The only way to get a cane early enough is to get lucky by destroying wooden crates as you explore the caves. There’s a chance you can get a wooden fishing rod from these boxes, allowing you to fish early.

You can remove the RNG process using two factors. The first is to choose the Fisher class during character creation. Each class of fish spawns with a wooden fishing rod, allowing you to fish immediately. However, if you want to craft a fishing rod, you need to unlock the pewter workbench. From the Tin Crafting Bench, you can craft a Tin Fishing Rod.

How to Fish in Core Keeper

How to Fish in Core Keeper
Stop holding the line when the goldfish appears.

When you finally get your hands on a fishing rod, you will want to use it on fishing pools in bodies of water. You can see them by the bubbles you can see in the water tiles. We recommend getting as close to it as it seems casting your rod at full power only casts the line three blocks.

If the block is one space away, you should be able to use very little power to reach the bubble point. If the fish pond is two blocks away, you should use half power and three blocks for full power. Once your line is cast, it’s a waiting game. You have to pay attention to the bubble noises the game makes. You have until the fourth bubble until the fish breaks free. It also seems like the fourth bubble is the easiest way to catch a fish when you get to the minigame.

Once you enter the minigame, you need to swipe the fish icon to the left. You hold down your left click and drag it back. When it turns red, you want to let go immediately, so it doesn’t quickly rise to the right side of the bar. Keep fighting it until you get the fish to the left and successfully capture it.

There you go, now you know how to fish in Core Keeper. Good luck there, master fisherman. Why not check out our Core Keeper guides section we’re building as we speak for more Core Keeper guides.

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