Brazilian Fishing Guide Narrowly Escapes Death After Anaconda Attacks Him


In a chilling incident, a Brazilian fishing guide narrowly escaped death after being attacked by an anaconda. In what appears to be a scene straight out of the 1997 movie Anaconda, the fishing guide had a closer encounter with wildlife than he expected after the giant reptile jumped out of the water and bit him. Footage of the entire incident was filmed by Joao Severino, 38, and the video went viral on the internet. The short clip from the awesome encounter, which took place on June 30, shows an anaconda coiled underwater between two wooden logs.

According to the New York Post, Joao was leading a group of tourists on a boat along the Araguaia River, located in the central Brazilian state of Goias. Now the video, posted six days ago, shows Joao holding the camera up to the reptile. As he can be heard explaining something to the tourists, the anaconda suddenly jumped out of the water, leaving everyone on the boat scared. Joao is not visible in the frame, but as soon as the snake bites him, the camera shakes and this can give you an idea of ​​the force and intensity with which he attacked the guide.

After being attacked, Joao can be heard giggling in the video. In a candid conversation with the New York Post, Joao detailed the incident. The NY Post quoted the fishing guide as saying, “I saw the snake on a stump and said, ‘Look guys, an anaconda is over there, I’m going to film it for you to see.’ .” As soon as the snake attacked Joao, it returned to the water and quickly disappeared, leaving everyone on the boat dazed. The report added that the anaconda bite fortunately did not penetrate Joao’s skin. Additionally, the Post informed that the snake in the video is a green anaconda, which maintains a caliber of up to 30 feet long and weighs up to 550 pounds. Moreover, it is part of the Boa family and is considered the largest snake in the world.

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