Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand operates a hunting and fishing guide business in Canada


Are the hockey players here fighting with their bare hands and shooting animals?

Apparently yes.

March and Mill Co. are two former teammates who play and played for the Boston Bruins in the NHL. All-star forward Brad Marchand and defenseman Kevan Miller made the mark while the two were playing together, as they shared a similar interest in loving the outdoors and hunting.

“Basically, we are a couple of hockey players who love to hunt. For us, there is a unique connection between competition on the ice and time spent off it.

We believe life is all about that next adventure – from harvesting meat for our families to teaching our kids the value of the outdoors.”

Here are two guys who are sticking to their roots through life’s successes and using that success to build something fueled by their passions for the outdoors.

The couple bought a hunting lodge in Newfoundland by Radio-Canada News. The purchase came as a way to expand their brand and be able to have a place to hunt each year. To add to that, Marchand plans to bring in a veteran every year.

“We’re just going to hang out with him in the woods, have conversations, talk to him, learn a lot about him, and it’s more of a thank you for their service and what they’ve done for us.”

It’s great to see the athletes giving back.

They also seem legit… their values ​​as an organization are also in the right places, seeking to pass on core values ​​to future generations with a mindset around conservation.

Both of their social media accounts are riddled with photos of hunting between their other professions.

Their company’s Facebook page announced that they had recently purchased another outfitting business, in New Brunswick, Canada, for black bear and moose hunting.

It’s great to see people in the public eye not only promoting hunting and good hunting ethics, but also contributing and investing in these resources. This indeed creates great publicity but also attracts more people to the sport. While we don’t always want to see more people running to our hunting spots, it’s great to have more support to do the activities we love.

Also, quite coincidentally, the guys who play for the Bruins buy a bear hunting lodge.


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