BLM Offers North Platte River Commercial Fishing Guide License for Gray Reef to Casper Section


The BLM is offering a special commercial fishing guide license for the Gray Reef to Casper section of the North Platte River. (BLM)

CASPER, Wyo. – The High Plains District Bureau of Land Management invites applications from commercial fishing guides interested in a special recreation permit to operate on the North Platte River.

A commercial guide license for the Gray Reef to Casper section of the river is being offered, the BLM announced on Wednesday.

“Since the signing of the 2006 Trappers Route Special Recreational Management Area Plan, some license holders have canceled or revoked their licenses,” the news release read. “The BLM will authorize up to one additional permit in accordance with the decisions of the Trapper Route Plan, which authorizes a maximum of 24 permits.”

The permit application deadline is Friday, September 2.

“The Prospectus and Application are available online at: 2022 North Platte River Business Guide Prospectus Request“, said the BLM. “Please submit your completed application to Cullen Hardy at [email protected] If you have any questions, contact Hardy or call the Casper field office at 307-261-7600.



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