Ayrshire – Multi-agency response to fishing boat in difficulty on Clyde


A fishing boat was hardly near Portencross without any form of communication.

Thanks to the quick actions of a passing kayaker, the Coastguard and then the RNLI were contacted and rushed to the scene at 3pm in fading light.

The small fishing boat was in trouble between Little Cumbrae and Portencross.

The seven-metre fishing boat had broken down while passing Girvan at Holy Loch Marina.

A lone kayaker had observed the fishing boat and saw something was wrong, so they paddled to the boat to determine if there was a problem.

It was discovered that the boat had mechanical problems and had no means of communication. The kayaker was then able to use his mobile phone to call the coast guard.

The kayaker must be transported safely to shore by the lifeboat and then towed the fishing boat back to Largs Yacht Haven.

Upon arrival at Largs Yacht Haven, the Largs RNLI volunteer crew met the Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team and handed over the wrecked vessel.

RNLI Deputy Launching Authority John Knowles said: ‘We would like to thank the kayaker for his quick actions when sighting the fishing vessel in distress.

“It underlines the importance of having a way to call for help when you go out to sea. We would advise that it is suitable for the activity, that you know how to use it and that it is easily accessible to any time.”

Photo: Ardrossan Coastguard


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