Another Eden Fishing Guide: Basics, Upgrades, and Defeating Leviathan



The basics of fishing from another Eden

You can fish anywhere marked with a fish icon on your map. Once you’re at your chosen fishing spot, tap the icon and select your lure. Then tap on the body of water where you see the silhouette of fish swimming below to cast your line. You’ll know if a fish takes the bait because your phone will vibrate to alert you (make sure to turn this feature on if you haven’t already!). Once you’ve taken a bite, immediately tap your screen once to roll it up.

Some gamers find it easier to keep your fingers on the screen while waiting for a bite, then release them once the phone vibrates – that’s up to you.

Needless to say, fishing in another Eden really requires a lot of patience, and it sucks you in with every try, forcing you to keep trying. When you successfully catch a fish, you are rewarded with experience points for your rod to upgrade it for better performance. The failure can be due to several reasons. If the fish escaped because of its speed, it means your reel level is too low. If the fish escaped because of its power, then your rod level is too low.

Meanwhile, a low float level will lead to fish running away with your bait – this can also happen if you wait too long before tapping once you’ve taken a bite. And finally, if the fish completely ignores your bait, either you have the wrong bait or your hook level is too low. Of course, there’s still the RNG element, so even if everything is correct, the fish can still escape.

That said, you can just keep trying until you’ve eliminated all fish from a particular location. You can sell your catch at the Kamasu Shop for Fish Points. Bigger fish can reward you with bonus points as well as Chronos Stones.


Another Eden Fishing Improvement

Now, fishing in Another Eden isn’t just about timing – you need to know how to upgrade your gear so you can catch the best catch. There will be 20 fish in each location, which will reset in 30 minutes. This means that the very first thing you need to upgrade is your cooler so that you can have enough space to keep all the fish. Upgrading your Cooler to increase your Fish Capacity also means increasing the number of Kamasu Points you can get, so be sure to spend your Fish Stones upgrading your Cooler until you get the Iron Cooler I.

Then it’s time to focus on your hook. With a level-up hook, you can catch multiple fish at once, as well as horrors and lake lords (requires dimensional hook) that will engage you in combat once caught (more on that later). These cool monsters can also give you rare items to craft weapons.

After that, upgrade your reel and float simultaneously. The reel increases your chances of catching rare fish, while the float increases the window of opportunity between you tapping and the fish escaping. Upgrade your reel to Smooth Reel IV and your float to Rubber Float I, at the very least.


How to beat Leviathan (and add Levia to your party)

another eden fishes the leviathan
One of the main endgame objectives in Another Eden Fishing is the fight with Leviathan, which you can unlock after collecting all four Red Coral Chunk Fragments. These drops can only be obtained from the very rare Lake Lords Kraken (found at Acteul – Spirit’s Shower), Hydra (found at Serena Coast – Merchant’s Sprinkler), Sky Serpent (found at Elzion Airport – Vaper Trail) and Scylla ( found at Rucyana Sands – Desert Pot).

Obviously, meeting these lake lords takes LOTS of patience and EVEN MORE luck. Also, once you catch them, you will have to defeat them in battle. The Lords of the Lake are all level 80, while the Leviathan is level 90. Once you collect the four pieces of red coral, they will form the sea of ​​fire, which you will need to take to the central dungeon of the dragon palace to unlock the fight. with Leviathan.

It’s important to have a strong enough party to take on this beast head on as it has over 5 million HP and can recover health at around 27,000 HP per turn. The good news is that he’s weak against Earth (and resistant to Water, Fire, and Pierce attacks), so if you have someone who can spam Earth attacks, that’s a huge advantage. in combat.

Defeating him helps you unlock the “Waves of Time: The Millennium Maiden’s Pearl Tears” quest to recruit 5-Star Water Mage Levia to your party. And that’s all! We hope this Another Eden fishing guide can help you get started and hooked into this huge quest of a sub-quest. It’s hard work, so remember to take breaks so the grind doesn’t take the fun factor out of the game!


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