A great white shark attacks his family’s fishing boat in terrifying footage


The sea monster surrounded the family’s small fishing boat for an hour before launching its attack

Terrifying video footage shows the moment a massive great white shark began munching on a family boat during an Easter fishing trip.

The jaw-dropping encounter happened off Mandurah, south of Perth, Australia, where the apex predator stalked the seven-meter boat for hours before launching an attack on its engine.

David Tuckfield, his wife Tanya and son Shelby captured the moment the huge shark circled the boat, trapping the terrified family on board.

The sea monster first rose out of the water when her 14-year-old son, Shelby, was hauling in his fishing line to pull a small fish out of the way.

Drag the line

The moment the great white shark tried to bite the boat’s engine

The great white shark sticks its head out of the water wearing its teeth

The great white shark sticks its head out of the water wearing its teeth

Shelby said: “It was two meters from the surface and all you could see were the teeth and that big mouth sticking out.”

He then began to thrash around the sides of the vessel, trying to pull out pieces of the engine and rip off its yellow buoys.

A great white shark that broke the record for largest male ever tagged by an NGO photographed very close to shore

In the video, mom Tanya can be heard letting out a bloodcurdling scream.

Speaking to 9News in Australia, Mr Tuckfield said the shark was between three and four meters long and had attacked the boat on several occasions.

He said: “We had a big deep visitor, nice size… white pointer.

“He tried to remove a piece of the engine, we were mesmerized. Such a big majestic creature.

“We don’t appreciate them until you see them up close and that’s their playground.”

Mr Tuckfield, who frequently fishes in the area, said he had never seen a shark this large or come so close to the boat.

Eventually the beast, estimated to be 14 feet long, left the stunned family alone and they made it home safe and sound.


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