750-pound sea lion nearly capsizes Canadian couple’s fishing boat


Sea lions can be cute and whatnot when you go to Sea World or your local zoo, but don’t get me wrong…

They are not joking.

Take this video for example.

A Canadian couple from Vancouver Island almost had their lives slip away before their eyes, when a huge California sea lion completely jumped into their 14ft fishing boat Peddler’s Bay, nearly capsizing it.

According to Times Colonist, a witness estimated that the sea lion weighed about 750 pounds, enough to overturn this boat.

And to make matters worse? The pair were trying to get away from some nearby killer whales when the sea lion moved on.

The wild event happened to Ernest and Viesia Godek, and Ernest told the outlet:

“He looked very distressed and his teeth were exposed. He rocked the boat to the point where we had to hold on to the gunwales, (and) water started pouring into the boat .

I just hoped we wouldn’t totally switch.

The footage was shot by a group of nearby whale watchers, and you can hear the Prince of Whales whale watching boat’s lead guide, Mark Malleson, shout in the video:

“You’re going to want to get out of there.”

That’s when the sea lion crashes into the boat and all hell breaks loose.

Although the sea lion’s efforts rocked the boat violently, sending a lot of water into it, Ernest and Viesia were able to escape unharmed, and Malleson followed them on their way home to safety.

Great day of fishing, huh?


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