7 people rescued after the fire in a fishing boat


Seven crew members of a commercial fishing boat were rescued after their boat caught fire off Monterey on Wednesday, the coast guard said.

Watchmen at the Coast Guard Eleventh District Command Center in Alameda received several alerts belonging to the fishing vessel Blue Dragon at around 12:20 a.m. and organized an aircrew from Coast Guard Air Base Sacramento C-27 Spartan to fly over the area approximately 350 miles (563 kilometers) west of Monterey

Coast Guard watchmen also issued a request for assistance, and the crew of the vessel North Rubicon responded that they were ready to divert and assist the sailors in distress.

The C-27 crew reached the area about three hours after the Coast Guard received the distress alerts and reported seeing the Blue Dragon on fire and survivors aboard a nearby life raft. The survivors flagged the aircraft with a flashlight and, in response, the crew deployed a flare and an automatic spotting buoy.

The North Rubicon crew arrived at the scene at 9:30 a.m. and rescued the seven crew members from the life raft. No injuries were reported.

The North Rubicon was en route to San Francisco with all of the Blue Dragon crew, officials said.


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